[Sol] Where are these eco-friendly towers?

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…1. Vancouver 2. Singapore 3. Milan 4. Sydney

Where are these eco-friendly towers?

Milan – When Milan’s pair of 27-story twin residential high-rises opened in 2014, they were deemed the world’s “most exciting new towers” — and for good reason. Designed by architect Stefano Boeri and supporting the concept of metropolitan reforestation, the Bosco Verticale (“Vertical Forest”) is a set of buildings that appear to be large plants in the midst of urban Milan. Each balcony of the structure is a habitat for plants and trees — more than 2,000 bushes and shrubs and nearly 900 trees, to be precise. Boeri’s proposal called the towers, which were part of a larger bio-diverse metropolis, “a model for a sustainable residential building.” The high-rises also feature solar panels, a gray water recycling system, cleaner air, less noise pollution, and of course, beautiful views of the greenery and the city.:

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