[Sol] Where are these picturesque waterfalls?

Where are these picturesque waterfalls? – Hey guys hope you have found the answer of the following question on this webpage that is Where are these picturesque waterfalls?.

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…1. Croatia 2. Bosnia and Herzegovina 3. New Zealand 4. Japan

Where are these picturesque waterfalls?

Bosnia and Herzegovina – Bosnia and Herzegovina is home to some seriously breathtaking waterfalls. Known as Kravice Falls, the series of waterfalls is located southwest of the city of Mostar on the Trebižat river. Cascading 83 feet into a turquoise lake below, Kravice Falls is reminiscent of its South American cousin, Iguazu, which spans the border between Argentina and Brazil. The water flows into natural swimming holes, but the pools are often chilly. A rope swing will take you over the falls if you’re really looking for a thrill!:

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